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Does McDonalds drug test

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Im 19. I just recently received a job at McDonalds and attended orientation today, where I had to sign a form stating that I consent to a drug test and must take it anytime it is given. However, from what I heard and researched, McDonalds doesnt drug test at all. I like to smoke weed and it would suck if I had to give it up. Can so

    By´╝ÜMandie Lenar

    If they become suspicious in any way, I would've shocked if they didn't. But they won't unless they have a reason

1 Answers

  1. Girly on Jul 23, 2012 Reply

    If you come to work obviously high drug test. If you get hurt at work and they fill out accident report drug test. I am surprised they dont do a pre employment test.

    Just quit smoking weed. its bad for you and if they find out your fricken screwed

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